Woodpigeon, FOONYAP and LT Leif present a sonic collaboration inspired by a recent split 12″
A c(h)ord is a foundational bedrock of a song, and the ties that hold us together, wrapped as though in invisible twine across borders and decades. This autumn, FOONYAP, woodpigeon and LT Leif present c(h)ord, a testament to friendship, collaboration and distance.   The c(h)ord that runs through this trio ties together over a decade of musical exploration and travel, begun in their shared birth city of Calgary, Canada, stretched but still strong by new households in Montréal and Helsinki.   Inspired by the release of a split 12" of music on Scotland's late, great Song, By Toad Records featuring all three, c(h)ord is a trio performance of a group united as one, presenting each other's songs as a singular work. c(h)ord is a story, whispered and shared.   c(h)ord tours Autumn 2019.


"a tense and bespoke mixture of swampy electronics, strings, and vocals that flash with a bold volcanic brilliance"



LT Leif

"A wild dog chasing the sun! L.T.Leif is tender, lo-fi, open...This is the many-hearted music of the swampwitch. Slow-felt swamp rock." 



"difficult-to-parse moods and flights of fancy that struggle beneath our quotidian selves. We are better than we are, they sing."