“a genuinely beautiful record”

Backseat Mafia (9/10)
"With directions to keep it 'quick and simple', each track is raw and urgent – an earnest outpouring liberated from the burdens of overproduction." 

- UK's The List link to full article
"the swansong album is a fitting final chapter in the Song, By Toad legacy" 

 - God is in the TV link to full article 
" The four artists on this release  don’t just share a nationality... A stark and somewhat sombre folk sensibility runs  through all the songs. There’s many a single artist album with less flow  and coherence. Woodpigeon are perhaps the best known, their tunes are the most  filled out sound on the record driven by insistent if muted rhythms.  FOONYAP has played with Woodpigeon. The loops she uses have a similar  repetitive effect, but married to her violin and vocals create something  lulling and warmly immersive. LT Leif are a little more mannered, their  carefully constructed songs carry a delicate, almost clockwork charm.... Together they make a fitting swansong for a label that really has  lived the cliché of being all about the music. It might be going out  gently rather than with a bang. But it’s going out with a genuinely  beautiful record." 

- Backseat Mafia (9/10) link to full article
"before riding into the sunset Song By Toad Records is releasing a final album...featuring four distinct Canadian artists to (re)discover and fall in love with" 

- The 405 link to full article